How do you not know you are pregnant!?

Back in March I made a quick post about our #4 child’s 4th birthday. I mentioned that his pregnancy story was interesting & had a few people ask me to share his story.
So here goes 🙂

I have watched that TLC show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant” (or something along those lines) before and always wondered how a woman didn’t know they were pregnant…especially if they already had a pregnancy before. This certainly couldn’t be true and these women must be in denial about their pregnancy.

That’s what I thought until….

It was the winter of 2008. Our daughter (3rd child) was born in March of this year. We were happy with our 5 person family. Mister wanted more but we were content with not having another one for a few years.
We spent Thanksgiving with family. And then more family for Christmas.
I was gaining some weight but not at an alarming rate or anything….just figured I was eating too much (that wouldn’t have shocked me).

(These next events happened after Christmas passed)

Then one afternoon after I had put all 3 kiddos down for a nap that I felt something.
I was laying on our bed, eating my lunch, and watching some TV.
All of the sudden I felt a kick. But it couldn’t be a kick because I knew I wasn’t pregnant. I know what I feel like when I am pregnant & I hadn’t felt any of that.
Figured it was just gas.
Then I had that feeling again.
So I pushed back where I felt this kick.
I got a response back.
Gas doesn’t respond back.
Called Mister at his work, told him that I thought I was pregnant, he told me that he would buy a test on the way home, and I explained why I didn’t think that test was needed.

We were in the process of moving and the new year had just passed, so we were a tad busy. We figured I wasn’t very far along since I wasn’t showing at all. We decided that after we moved into our new place is when I would call the doctor.
Got an appointment and went in. Figured she would say I was 4 months along.
Nope. That’s not what I was told.

2 weeks away from my due date!

What!? Wait. Back up!

How in the world can I be that close to delivering when I just found out within the month that I was pregnant to begin with!?

They said that he must have been really far back for me not to show at all until the last month or so. They also said that since my periods were (and still are to this day) irregular that it would have been hard to notice unless I was looking for it.

This baby was due 03/18/09.
He was born on 03/21/09.

8lbs 15 1/2oz

They had trouble clearing his airways after he was born. So because of this he was admitted to the NICU.
By the time they wheeled him down to NICU, the bumpiness had cleared his airways.
He had to stay though because he was already admitted. We had to go through a certain checklist in order to get his discharged.
This was the first time I had a baby in NICU & first time that I had to leave my baby at the hospital while I got to go home.
He was only there for a few days.

It completely broke my heart to see all the other babies have a serious reason to be in there. I was so thankful that my baby wasn’t there for anything serious. I felt awful being in there just for red tape reasons. I wish that no parent had to leave their babies in there but I know that just isn’t ever going to happen.

This is Coleman’s pregnancy/birth story.
You can be pregnant & not know it.

If you have an questions, comments, or a story of your own – please feel free to share it!

Thanks 🙂


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