Believe your kiddos!!!!

*This is about serious things, not silly things like if they tell you the sky is orange or there is a monster coming out of the drain*

If your child(ren), step child, neighbor child, or a child you don’t know comes to you & tells you something then you better believe them.
I know it’s hard sometimes to determine what is the truth and what is made up. Their imagination is running wild & they may say off the wall things.

When your child says someone did this to me or someone said something to me, you believe them!
I don’t care who the person is that did/said something to them. You have to take action!
If you don’t stand up for your kiddos, then who will?!

I would much rather be wrong about something that my child said than to not report it in the first place.

Be your childs voice. Be a childs voice.

Don’t you dare ever give up on those kiddos just because you get one closed door. You have earned that childs trust for them to have told you in the first place. Don’t waste that trust!

Do what you know is right. You cannot just let it be or ignore it.

Be the responsible adult and do what you have to do to protect that child.


2 thoughts on “Believe your kiddos!!!!

  1. Amen! I have always said, if my child says anyone did something to them; I don’t care who. me, my husband, their grandparents, anyone…. I am reporting. My children are my life and no one will hurt them on my clock. Thats one reason my children are always with me or the hubby.. lack of trusting others.

    • If our kiddos can’t trust us, their parents, then who can they trust?! We have to be that solid foundation & safe place for them to fall. I don’t care what other people think, when it comes to my kiddos I will do whatever I can to make sure they are safe.

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