My baby girl is 11 months old!

I know that I (and a lot of other parents) say this but it’s true. I cannot believe how fast these 11 months have gone by!

What is Miss. Lily up to these days?!

A lot!
She is climbing on everything, cruising around everywhere, and talking all the time! She dances whenever she hears music & has better moves than her Momma 😉
She is eating more food and figuring out what she does/doesn’t like. She drinks from a sippy cup. Well actually she just messes with it…not sure how much she is actually getting out it. Doesn’t matter to me, I am just wanting her to become familiar with it.
We are still breastfeeding! I have never breastfed this long before! So I am super excited/happy about that.

I am so comfortable nursing in public that I don’t even use a cover anymore 🙂

Still co-sleeping but we have been trying something new. Since she just wasn’t having anything to do with her crib, even though it was right next to our bed, & the fact that she is getting bigger which makes it feel like our bed is getting smaller….we thought of an idea! We took the moving side of her crib off and pushed her bed right up against ours. So now she sleeps in her bed but she isn’t ‘trapped’. She usually ends up right next to me every morning, but I think we are all getting better sleep & she doesn’t have a problem with her bed anymore. Not sure how long we will need to do this but it’s working for now!

phone 492
(Do you see what I am trying to explain!?)

We were still cloth diapering but we have had to put her is disposables a few times. She gets this really bad rash & no matter what we put on it, how many times we strip her diapers, or how many baths she gets…it just keeps getting worse. So what I am going to do this time is put her in dispoables, strip them, and then change the detergent I am using. I have never had a problem with this detergent before, but maybe Lily’s skin just cannot handle it. It didn’t dawn on me until yesterday that she didn’t have these rashes until I changed detergents. Hopefully that will help & I’ll let y’all know if it does.

She loves taking things out of bags/boxes/baskets & putting things back in. No walking yet but she takes a few steps (with only one foot) and then goes back to crawling. She’s bitten me a few times but I try & let her know that it’s not ok. She points to things. She loves this one car seat that we have in the house. She just crawls into it , sits there (or stands) and just tells people off. It’s so cute to watch her play! She has learned how to get off of places like our bed, the couch, and stairs! But we don’t let her play on the outside stairs. She loves to play peek-a-boo!

She has a dentist & 12 month check up next month. I cannot believe her next update will be her 1 year update!
Until next month 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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