Bears for Angel Babies

I have talked about this topic a few times but not very often. I don’t know what it’s like to go through something like this because it’s never happened to me. I am so thankful that it hasn’t but at the same time my breaks over & over again for the friends/family that have gone through this. This has been a thought that comes to my mind when I hear about a family/couple going through this…..I sometimes ask why haven’t I expereinced this? Why must I always say just “I’m sorry”. I truly that when I say it. These women hear that sentence all the time though & I am sure they get tired of hearing it & when some people say it, their words could just empty.
I always like to stay positive about things/life. I try and find encouraging words to pass along to those that come to me during hard times. I feel honored when friends/family come to me during their hard times. This hard time leaves me speechless and I have no idea what to say to these women. My heart aches for them so much but I can never put those feelings into words. Nothing I say is going to make it better or make it easier. I so hate hearing when this happens. I just want to hug the lady so badly when I hear about this.

I want to share a dear/good friend of mines story. It’s still very fresh with her but she is wanting to get her story out. Her & I have talked about it and she feels like women need to share their story rather than leave it to yourself. I completely agree! We all have stories to share. We cannot help others who go through the same thing if we do not take that first step and share. I am not saying that you need to share right away. Once you feel ok/comfortable talking about this, then I think you need to share with anyone that will listen. You shouldn’t have to hide your true feelings. It doesn’t matter if it makes someone else uncomfortable, share anyway. If they don’t want to hear it, then they can walk away. Share your story because you never know who needs to hear it at that exact moment. I hope by sharing Nicole’s story it reaches someone who needs it. I pray that more of you ladies speak up & share. I pray that you find comfort & healing with sharing your stories. You story matters.

Hello all Mommie Ventures readers!.  Before I start writing about what I want to write about, I want to thank Trel for giving me the opportunity to write to all of you about this!

I decided to tell you about this by giving you a little about me and my situation first.  I recently lost twins.  I lost the first one on 4/27/13.  After I lost that baby, I immediately had a sonogram.  I will never forget the hope that day brought me because what I found out that day was that I was having twins.  I saw my second baby and his/her heartbeat!  It was a wonderful 120 beats per minute and the baby was measuring great.  Even my midwife was filled with hope.  Two days later, the contractions started and on 4/29/13 my second baby was born to heaven.  I was devastated.  I didn’t know what to do with myself, I didn’t know how I was going to continue living knowing that my body turned me down that hard until I joined a support group on Facebook.  I realized something then, when you have a full term, healthy baby there is one thing you always get and that is a special present from your loved ones.  They all bring you and/or the baby something.  A balloon, flowers, and bears.  Well, when you loose your babies, you are brought nothing.  You are left with not even a baby to hold.  You are only left with a positive pregnancy test and sometimes a sonogram.  The one thing you get is, “I am so sorry.”  I needed to change that.

And so, with that said, Bears for Angel Babies was born!  Bears for Angel Babies is a new charity that is dedicated to giving as many Angel Babies the gift they didn’t get when they were born to heaven, a handmade bear free of charge.  I opened the Facebook page on 5/1/13 and gained about 80 likers and 26 heart filled requests for bears in the matter of hours!  And since then, me and my fellow crocheters have sent out a total of 11 bears already but the orders keep coming!  I was so excited, but now I am just overwhelmed too.  I could really use some extra support.  I am hoping to bring in more crocheters that are open to help make some bears.  I also really need more monetary support to be able to keep this page going.  Other things that could really be helpful are yarn, patterns, and even coupons.  I am hoping that as the page grows there will be more and more help, but right now I am asking you to help make a difference.  You can donate to Bears for Angel Babies by sending a donation by clicking on this link:  If you would like to crochet, donate yarn, or donate coupons you can email me at to get directions or a mailing address. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this and at least giving Bears for Angel Babies a thought for a wonderful charity to donate to.  If you would like to see the good will being done or would just like more information, you can check us out on Facebook at  Thank you again!

I also want to give a shout out to some lovely women who helped me right from the beginning.  Special thanks and a special place in my heart to: Stacy Krumel-Rhoads, Jennifer Forsberg, Bethany Wallen, Crystal Fink, Savanah Songer, Lori Luh, Carolyn Strough, Donna Neubeck, Sumi Funayama, Chelsea Ayers, Abby Haritos, Jeanette Burnett, Trel Welker and Sarah Fisher.  You all are amazing ladies and thank you so much for helping make the bears, donating when you can, and being an amazing support!

If you have questions, comments, or would like to share your story, please reach out to someone. Someone will always be there to help, support, and care about you & your babies.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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