You are enough

I have recently seen many links being shared on Facebook about being a mother and that it’s ok if things aren’t perfect. And you know what?! It’s true. Just because we aren’t like Suzie Q down the street doesn’t mean that we are less than or that our children are getting the short end of the stick. Our children don’t need things so they can have a great childhood. They don’t need the latest and greatest to have fun.

We, as parents, need to remember that if the house is still standing and your kiddos survived another day, than it was a great day!
And sometimes, this is all that happens in my house. I don’t do a darn thing other than the basics in my house…..bellies are fed and diapers are changed. I don’t always like those days but sometimes that’s all that I can do.

We aren’t going to have Martha Stewart days. Stop beating yourself up because you didn’t live up to someone else’s expectation. We are not to compare ourself with others. We are not to do/be what others do. Our little bubbles are different in some many ways than others. We have different life happenings.

What you did yesterday, do today, tomorrow, and every day after that is enough. Feed your kiddos ice cream for dinner and cake for breakfast. Feed them McDonald’s on the days you don’t feel like cooking. Let them play out in the dirt and send them to bed without a bath because you are too tired/stressed/busy. I promise that they will wake up the next morning being happy.

I think that society has made it so hard for mothers (I am sure fathers too but I am focusing on mothers right now) to just enjoy their kiddos.

They have said that we have to make everything from clothes to food for them.
We have to make sure that everything is organic & if you give your child anything but than you aren’t doing your child justice.
You can’t let them get dirty or else it might mean something negative about our parenting.
We can’t discipline our children or we are depriving them.
Everyone has to be a winner.
We have to stress ourselves out so much for the happiness of our children. And then we wonder where this self entitlement came from.
If you ask yourself that question about your kiddos, please stop reading and go look at yourself in mirror.

We don’t have to do anything extra for our children.
Whatever it is that you are doing, you are doing enough.

You are enough!

Stop looking at others. Stop trying to be something you are not.
We aren’t all cut out to be a working mother, stay at home mother, homeschooling mother, crafty mother, cooking/baking mother. We all have different talents and instead of trying to do what everyone else says what we need to be doing….focus on what we are good at and just be with your kiddos.

There is nothing wrong with just being with them.
We don’t need to plan every second of their life.
Just simply be with them.

If you fixed breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack out of a box. You are enough.
If you go to the store & don’t buy something for your child. You are enough.
If you had your child without brushing their teeth/hair before bed. You are enough.
If your house is messy & you are having a great time with your kiddos. You are enough.
If you go to bed without cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, laundry, whatever else. You are enough.

There is nothing wrong with what you are/aren’t doing.
I am so tired of this stupid debate that others want to keep having.
Your worth has a parent isn’t because of what you buy, what activities your kids are in, if your child has a tantrum in public, or because you step on legos because they weren’t picked up.
Worry about the values, ethics, and character that you are giving your children.
Things go away, awards tarnish, and beauty fades.
Memories. Values. Ethics. Character. That’s what stays and will give your child a great childhood.

Your worth as a mother isn’t what you buy for your kiddos.

Relax. Smile. Have fun with your kiddos.
You are enough.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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