Weigh in #9

This will just be a quick update.

Did my weekly weigh in this morning and I’m still at 214. Not sure why the weight hasn’t changed in 3 weeks but hey, at least the number isn’t going up!

Been making more of an effort to workout. Dug out a Special K workout DVD I had from a few years ago. Been walking up to a mile daily since Saturday. I’m hoping to keep that up but need to figure out where to fit it in….morning, afternoon, or evenings.

Since being off the Daniels fast my eating habits haven’t gone back to what it was months ago but I have noticed a bit of overeating is taking place. Need to get my mind back on paying attention to the amount going in my mouth. Also need to remind myself that just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have/need to it.

Funny story though from this morning and weighing myself.
I jump on the scale first thing in the morning after I go to the bathroom. Anyway I jump on this morning an it says “E”! Ummm, no one wants to see that when they get on the scale. So I reset it….117, I wish!!! Reset it again….123, again with the wishing. Reset it again and it says 214. So after all those mes ups I don’t know how true the reading is but like I said, the number isn’t going up!

Until next Monday 🙂


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