Daniels fast – week 1

Mister and I have completed 1 week of the Daniels fast as of Monday (04/08/13)….2 more to go!

It’s definitely been challenging but I know the fasting and praying will pay off!

I am so happy that some prayers are getting answered right away and I’m believing that others will be answered soon!

I have seen a change, small but it’s there, in my attitude with my kiddos. Which of course creates a change in them. Some things are harder to break than others but with my outlook being different helps with the struggles. I don’t feel angry and ready to rip someones head all the time now. Win!

We are going through fruit and peanut butter like crazy around here now! Awesome for our bodies but not so much on our food budget, haha!

Added bonus, lost five pounds since last Monday!

I’m definitely missing chocolate, bread, pasta, nutella, and Dr pepper. I did however get a little treat for myself to eat when this is finished! I’ll share with you then what it is!
Oh an I’m definitely missing meat! I’m a meat an potatoes kinda gal….can’t wait to sink my teeth in a hamburger!!!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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