10 outta 12

My goodness, it’s that time again to give an update on Miss Lily!
She turned 10 months on Sunday. I cannot believe she is already 10 months!!
I know I say that every month but it’s so true!

You never know how quickly a month goes by until you have a baby!

She is speaking jibberish and can’t wait for her to say Momma!
She finally has two bottom teeth coming through! One has already broken through and you can see the other one right under the skin.
She is climbing up on things, mostly Papa! She can open drawers and take things out…which only means trouble!
She is loving food!! We share with her and having come across a food that she doesn’t like!
She stands by herself but hasn’t taken any steps yet. Her older siblings are trying to help her out an holding her hands and walking with her.

We are still breastfeeding(!), cloth diapering, baby wearing, and co-sleeping.

I’m most excited about the breastfeeding! I haven’t been able to go past a few weeks with my other 4 and here I am at our 10 month mark!!

I’ve tried to have Lily sleep in her crib right next to our bed and not because I want to….my back hurts a lot in the morning. I love snuggling with her at night and each morning!!! I’ve tried letting her cry it out, getting her to sleep and then putting her in her crib, and sitting with her while she’s in her crib…..I just can’t do it. It breaks my heart too much and she looks so scared when I go in and get her. I don’t want her to be scared. And y’all can’t tell me anything that would make me change my mind. I may have to deal with her being 3 and coming in my bed at night but at least then I can talk to her and try and explain things to her. I cannot do that now.
My other kiddos weren’t like this and were already sleeping in their own bed and room right now. This part is new to me.
You may think that I need to be harder with her but that look on her face is something that I cannot justify leaving her alone to cry it out.

See ya next month!!!
PS- Already started planning her 1st birthday!!!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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