God hates you

Is one of *THE* biggest lie anyone can ever tell you!!
If anyone ever tells you this, they are a fool and you can call them that!

There are some Christians saying this to others just because they sin differently and/or more openly then they do. I don’t know what leg these people have to stand on when they are saying this and I’d like to read their Bible. My Bible doesn’t say that anywhere!

God cares about you & loves you! He cares & loves you a lot…. more than I can put into words to you.
He doesn’t care what your past is, He takes you as you are…no matter your shape or how much baggage you bring. He welcomes you with open arms!

If God hated you He wouldn’t have had His only son die the death he did in order to save us.
If you haven’t watched “The passion of Christ” then you need to get it. It’s so moving and will break your heart and fill it with joy all at the same time!

If God hates you then He hates me. We all sin (Romans 3:23), every single day all day long. No one is immune to this…no one.

Once people start talking instead of beating people over the head, maybe their point will be taken instead of instantly rejected.

Being a Christian isn’t about pointing your finger at others an telling them what they need to do (Matthew 7:5), it’s about finding out who Christ wants you to be and spreading His gospel.

God loves you. No matter what. Period.


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