One way street

**Warning: this post may anger you. This is also my opinion and it may be different than yours. It may also offend you. I’m ok with that.**

I have always told my kiddos that they don’t have to like someone but they must be nice to them. That’s how I treat people. I’m nice to everyone. Period. Now there are times when my anger or frustration gets the best of me. I am nice to everyone as much as I can be. I do not live by the saying ‘an eye for an eye’. I just don’t believe that’s how we should live, very childish and selfish.

You don’t call people names either. It’s not nice, it hurts peoples feelings, you aren’t a better person because you do this, and it accomplishes nothing.
Have I? Yes.
Is it right? No.
I don’t care your reasoning behind calling someone something hurtful, there’s no excuse.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s a very simple concept that so many people fail to live by. I have lived this way for as long as I can remember and have said this corny little saying forever. The way you treat people reflects a lot about yourself. There’s no excuse for treating someone any different than you would want to be treated, period.

With some people they apparently want to preach these things but don’t feel they need to follow their own sermons. Why? I have no idea and quiet frankly don’t care.

What am I taking about? Where I am going with this?
let me splain……

Last week was a lot of things to so many people and I am sure it got heated with many many people. It didn’t happen in my neck of the woods and for that I am thankful. Lots of pictures where shared, people pointing out who does/doesn’t support this topic…on and on.
My point is not whether you support this or anything else. No. My point is clear.
Don’t demand people respect you and your choices if you aren’t willing to do the same to others. And by others I mean everyone!
Respect doesn’t mean you agree. Respect doesn’t mean you like them. Respect doesn’t make you less than. Respect doesn’t mean you’ve waved a white flag.
Respect is being acting like an adult and treating others the same way. Does everyone deserve your respect? Absolutely not. You give it to em anyways. Why? Because you yourself don’t always deserve it either.

You aren’t going to be treated the way that you feel out deserve, it sucks but that’s life. You have to rise above that person and their insecurities. (Which by the way is usually why people treat others poorly.)

(I’m no using names because I didn’t ask permission to use this persons name)

Someone posted a picture in my news feed and said this above the picture: She is as disgusting as the company on her T-shirt!


You may or may not agree with this statement and that’s besides the point.

Not too long later the same person added this picture with this quote:
Love you Cher


Again, you may or may not agree.

My point is that is the quotes under the pictures were reversed people would be calling others haters and bigots.

Why is it ok for one to call someone names and not the other????


Your justification of them not having the same views as you is a poor and unacceptable excuse.

This has been eating at me ever since I saw these pictures posted. You may or may not agree with me. I’m ok with that. Whatever your stance on anything is, it’s never ok to call others names.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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