My sons heartbreak

Now that sounds dramatic considering he’s almost 9 but to be very honest, he was heart broken this past weekend.

We have 3 March babies and, for right now, we celebrate them together. We invite a few friends for each, family, and family friends. It can end up being a big number if most everyone attends.
This past Saturday was the day we were having the 3 in 1 party.
All of the sudden throughout the morning people started to cancel (most were legit reasons). In the end everyone person we invited cancelled for one reason or another. My heart broke to tell our oldest and then to hear his reaction. You could tell in his voice and face that he was hurt, let down, and upset.

Mister ans I decided to try ans change the tone of the day and make it a family day….something we don’t get that often. So we went to the store to pick up the cake that was ordered, grab a few lunch items, and have a picnic. We were asking the birthday kiddos what they wanted and the all wanted to go to a restaurant. We told the 3 birthday kiddos to talk and figure out where they wanted to eat. Our oldest was still so upset that he couldn’t talk without crying. This broke my heart again for him.

This story isn’t being told because people didn’t show up to a party, that won’t matter a year down the road. No, this story is about watching and having to deal with your childs broken heart. Yes our children have been upset before nut I haven’t seen this from our oldest probably ever.
Is he over it now, pretty sure yes. But it also was a look into our future and what we will have to deal with as they all get older. I know every parent goes through this with their child at least once but when it’s your child…. simply heartbreaking.

No matter what your child is heartbroken over, never make it less than. It may be small to us, the adult, but to them it’s their whole world. Comfort them and be there for them. It won’t get easier as they get older but a least they know you are in their corner.

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