Crazy baby!

Yesterday was by far one of the hardest days I’ve had as a mother. I would like to never, ever, have another day like that!

We were starting to clean the house yesterday so we took the gate down between the kitchen and living room, which is usually up to keep Lily out of the kitchen. I happened to walk by Lily and noticed that she had something in her mouth. Naturally I begin to take it out and that’s when I noticed what she had gotten a hold of.

We aren’t lazy parents. We don’t leave dangerous things just laying around the house. We make an effort to pick up and clean and make sure we are making our house for all our kiddos. We keep meds out of reach except the two older boys have access to their ADHD medication. 99% of the time Mister or I hand out the medication to the boys but sometimes they get it themselves. Because of what happened yesterday with Lily, that is changing.

And yes, sadly, it took this for us to change this rule.

What I found in Lily’s mouth was half of an ADHD pill. I have no idea how much she actually swallowed. I grab a rag and wiped out all the white medication I could. Mister and I decided we would watch her to see how she would be since we didn’t know how much she ingested. All of the sudden she started getting irritated, really tired, wouldn’t nurse, and wasn’t able to slow down and stop. She was literally crawling in circles, gave her a bath & she was crawling from one end of the tub to the next, I didn’t see her smile all day because of this. We got concerned and called poison control. Based on the information we gave them and after waiting an hour for a check up call back from them, they concluded that she would be fine and that we didn’t have to go to the ER. Well, to be honest, that didn’t make me feel any better about what was going on. So I packed a diaper bag and headed to the ER.
After going there, telling them why we were there, and dealing with a not so great nurse she was just fine. The Dr said it would just have to go through her body and not be surprised of she went to bend later than usual tonight.

It wasn’t as simple and easy as it might sound. Lily had gotten up at 8 am and hadn’t taken a nap all day long, by this time it was close to 4pm.

She wouldn’t/couldn’t sleep. She was very agitated, cranky, and on the go. She wanted me to hold her but didn’t want to be held at the same time. It was very hard and exhausting. She finally went to sleep around 10 something. Thankfully she slept her normal night time sleep pattern.

Seeing my daughter like this was heartbreaking. There was nothing I could do to help, male it go away, or make it better. We both had to just wait it out. Her behaviour made me think that this is what crack babies must go through/be like. My heart broke more foe those babies that are going through that and can’t help it. Simply heartbreaking.

I’m happy to say that she is back to herself today. I pray that this doesn’t effect her down the road at all. Please double check your precautions cause you can never be too safe.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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