Real life – kiddos

I’ve never posted anything that wasn’t true or sugar coated statements in order to make my life come across better than it is. I’ve just not posted about certain things. Not to hide em or pretend they aren’t there, just didn’t know y’all wanted to hear about it all.
And since there are people in my personal life who read my blog, I just want to say that I don’t need/want phone calls or people to rush over to my house after reading this. If/when I’m ready to talk to you personally about it, then I will reach out to you. I am fine, just going through a rough patch.

Rough patch might be putting it mildly. There are things going on that have been going on for awhile, just seems to be getting worse. I’ve tried to get things under control and figure things out an all that stuff someone does when life starts to spiral. But even with everything that I’ve tried to do and change, it seems not be going the opposite way then my intention.

There are a few things going on. I just want to clarify, because most minds go to this, my marriage is just fine and not a problem at all!

What’s going on isn’t things that don’t happen to others and they aren’t things that haven’t happened before, some things just seem to be getting worse no matter what!

Ok, enough, onto the meat of this rambling so far!

My kiddos (minus Lily) are driving me nuts! What’s different from any other day you ask?!
It’s getting worse! I mean really worse. And as I’m getting more and more upset/angry/frustrated with them, the more I’m wanting to give up. Will I? No. Do I want to? Oh heck yes! I’m at the end of rope with them! I’ve dealt out punishments, stuck to my word, didn’t back down…it feels like I’ve done everything in the book. It doesn’t help when people out in pubic say ‘oh they’re fine’, ‘they aren’t bothering me’, ‘its ok’
Almost nothing makes me more mad! No they aren’t fine and it’s not ok!
We have rules and guidelines that they need/have/must follow. What’s the point in setting these standards if you are just going to throw them out the window depending on who you are with and where you are?!
I am tired of people giving my children an excuse to act out.

In the last few weeks I have become harder on them and not let those people give them an excuse. It’s not ok and unless you want to parent my kiddos daily, then you need to step back and let me do my job.

We are looking into therapy for our second oldest. It was suggested last year after his diagnoses but wasn’t sure he needed it. With what happened last week, we think it’s needed.
Speaking of testing, we plan on having B and C tested once they are old enough.

I know many people that are against testing/medicine, and that’s fine, but until you are in my house on a daily basis and deal with what I have been dealt, keep your comments to yourself. It’s easy for you to sit over there and tell me what I should/shouldn’t do or what not to do. Unless and until you either have a child like mine or take over my parenting, you have no idea.

That’s what’s been going on in my life with my kids- on to the next real life subject.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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