Whatever happened to…..

Big girl panties and big girl words!?

Does anyone else see that most females these days are more talk than anything? I am not wanting to go around a fight people on the daily (though you cross me at the wrong time & that might change) but if you have an issue with someone to the point that you cannot even talk to the person, then it’s high time that you do something about it…in a positive manner! Stop beating around the bush & talk it out.
With technology today you don’t even have to talk to their face about your issue (though that would be extra brownie points if you did), you could email, text, FB message, and whatever else social media has available to you! There is no reason and/or excuse that you cannot talk to someone.

Most of the females that I come across when having a problem with someone won’t go to said person. Oh no! They talk about said person behind their back to everyone else & their mother. Tell me again what the point of that is again? It won’t get you anywhere or your problem solved. In fact, it will just make things worse than they were to begin with! I mean, hasn’t history taught us anything in regards to this matter or do these females think that the ending to their drama will be any different?

And what is the point in dragging the drama out? I get if you went to a few close friends for advice or didn’t talk with the person so that you could have a cooling off period but I would like that anything that is going on more than 2 weeks, a month MAX, is just way too long. In fact, it would tell me that you are needing/wanting the attention that this drama is bringing to you. Let me tell you something. The majority of grown females want nothing to do with drama & don’t want to hear about your pettiness. And that’s usually what it is, nothing worth what you have made it out to be.

So, as I step off my soap box (for now), take your drama to your Momma! Seriously, work it out or shut it! If you aren’t going to do anything about & not talk to the person, then you have nothing to whine and complain about. Grow up & face the problem/issue/misunderstanding/whatever you want to call it. People will (and do) respect you more when you act your age, not your show size.

Thoughts to ponder…..


2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to…..

  1. You know, as I was reading this I was thinking that, as women, we like to brag that we are so wise. So smart. So amazing. So powerful! Yet we can’t even get along with each other! And when it matters most, we throw it all out the window and act like little girls again! And I say we…I know I have behaved this way before!

    • I completely agree! It’s no wonder what there hasn’t been a WW III between us females because of this crap. Yall wanna fight and then wonder/complain why you don’t have any close female friends or why yall stab each other in the back. Yes we are emotional creatures but there comes a point where you have to stop & act like an adult. Just like the song says “A little less talk, lot more action!”

      Glad someone spoke up and agrees with me 🙂

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