And the scale said….

I was finally able to weigh myself last night thanks to my friend! I must be honest (as I always am) and say that I was pleasantly surprised by the red number that showed up! Before I tell you what that red number was, let me recap you on what the last numbers were.

Right before we moved to TX from NC I was 250ish, I don’t remember the exact number but give or take about 5 pounds. This was the summer of 2011.
When I was pregnant with my daughter Lily I lost a ton of weight. I think I was 213 the day that I had her. This was June 2012.
It is now January 2013 and I weigh 228…even!

Not bad! I could have sworn it was going to be more than that! I am honestly very shocked it wasn’t considering the way I was eating before all this change happened. Thankful but still shocked! I am not sure what I want my goal weight to be, haven’t really thought about that. All I know is that I would love a 1 as my starting weight number. That would just make me cry I am sure!

I also wanted to say that today wasn’t a good food day for me. I suddenly became stressed and overwhelmed that I started just eating cookie dough like it was going out of style. I started to beat myself up about it but thought, what good is that going to do? Probably just force myself into eating more crap! So I stopped and said, no worries, I can start fresh tomorrow and just remember that morning bring new beginnings.

Also, I was texting with my best friend today & talking about how we were both done making excuses about exercising. And then she saw a quote on Pinterest tonight and sent it to me. I wanted to share with yall because what it says couldn’t be anymore truer. Thanks LQ for sending it to me! Think I am going to print it off and tape it to my wall so it’s a daily reminder!

If you are on, then please add me! I would love to go on this journey with you & to support each other!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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