Makes ya think….

This past Tuesday Mister and I (& the 3 littles) attended the funeral of a friend. I had spoken to him a few times but Mister had a better relationship with him than I.
Even if I don’t know the person that passed away, it always gets me thinking. I don’t mean to but I always end up putting myself in the persons shoes that lost their loved one.
This doesn’t just happen with people dying, I tend to put myself in people’s shoes all the time. I am not sure why I do this but I have always remembered doing this sort of thing.
It’s like whatever story they are telling me, even if their story took place years ago, I tend to put myself in their shoes as they are telling me about it. Sometimes I have to stop because I get too much into my own thoughts and emotions start coming over me that shouldn’t be there.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting yourself in other people’s shoes. It gives a different point of view and gives you compassion for others. It also makes me (and could for you too) think about what you would do if this ever happened to you.

Anyway, let me get back to the point of this post and me rambling!

All I could think about was his wife. I don’t know her nor do I even know what she looks like. But I put myself in her shoes immediately and thought what in the world is she will do without her husband? What would I do without my husband? How would I react? What would be my first reaction to hearing news that my husband has past? All of this went through my head. After all these thoughts went through my mind, movie-like scenes would start to form. I would see what I would do and act like and things like that. I would picture the people in my life and how they would act and/or treat me when something like this would happen. I would have snapshots of what my life would be like after this would happen. It’s crazy that my mind does this!

I have always told Mister  that he is dying before I am! I have always heard my mom say that to my dad & now step dad. I honestly cannot imagine my life without Mister in it and I pray to God I never have to find out.
When certain things happen in your life or someone you love s life, I hope that you take a moment & put yourself in their shoes before you judge them or shove your opinion in their face or talk about their choices to other people behind their back. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors or why they choose what they do. Stop. Think. Be honest with yourself and ask “What would I do?”

It just makes ya think.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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