01/13/13 – 01/19/13

It’s time for another update!

This week was much easier than the first. I was much more mindful about how much I was eating in one sitting. I have been sticking to pretty much the same foods during the day. Which for right now is working but I know/am afraid that I will get bored & start to just eat again to eat. So I will be talking with Mister tonight about changing up dinners & my lunches so this doesn’t happen. We usually go to the grocery store on Sundays so it works out that I will bring it up tonight.

My birthday was Thursday. The first week that I started this change I was craving a chocolate cake. My favorite (right now) is Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate’ Chocolate Cake. Oh my yumminess….so good! I always add a bag of milk chocolate chips to it! Anyway, I wanted to make this for my birthday, so the morning of, I did. I didn’t want to eat it until after I had dinner to eat it. So I smelled it through out the day to satisfy myself until that time, haha!
Little did I know that my Mom had ordered me a box of cupcakes from a place back home that I have never tried but wanted to. So on my birthday I box of 12 cupcakes arrived at my house! Now I have a cake & cupcakes just sitting around screaming at me to eat them!
But I didn’t! I waited until after dinner to have my piece of cake and then when Mister got home from helping a friend out, we both had a cupcake together. Boy, was it worth the wait! I would normally not eat both in one day but it was my birthday & I wanted to 🙂
Then last night (Friday) friends of ours wanted to take us out for my birthday dinner at Olive Garden! I wasn’t sure what I was going to get or even what was on the menu. I ended up getting the Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken, which by the way is super yummy! And we ended up getting dessert free so I got Black Tie Mousse Cake, yummy again!
I was over on calories on this day but I didn’t stress at all about it since we had a special dinner that, pretty much, never happens!

I am not waiting until the goodies are out of the house to get back on track, I am staying on track right now. I feel that if I were to wait and be off track for a few days, that I will get out of the habit and then not get back on. I am just avoiding the whole thing that would most likely happen.

I had said that I wasn’t able to check my weight last Tuesday so I was just going to wait until this coming Tuesday. A friend of mine said that I could just go over to her house and check it. I was planning on going over but Mister was helping a friend all week and wasn’t getting home until 11pm every night this week. So now I am just waiting until Tuesday anyway, haha! I am planning on making a post Tuesday evening with numbers. Weight and other body measurements. But after that I will update again next Saturday.

I am loving and so thankful for the support that I am getting, not only from Mister, but friends & family on Facebook. Thank you all so very much! I can’t wait to start seeing results & my clothes fit better!

See ya next Saturday 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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