Weigh-in update

I was supposed to check my weight to have a starting point but I had to reschedule due to attending a friends funeral this morning. I will be able to get a starting point (or as close as I can) next Tuesday. Mister and I are wanting to purchase a scale for the house.  I was thinking that we could weigh in once a month to check our progress, but Mister was thinking weekly. I thought that was too close together. I think that I would get too discouraged if I were to weigh-in weekly. We will just have to see how it goes and then decide to keep it weekly or change it. Thoughts on this would be helpful to us!

I just wanted to say a few more things before I end this (short) post.

The other day (and for several days now) I have been way under my calorie count. This isn’t something that I am doing on purpose. Mister is more into looking at the calories and I am just making sure that I am eating what the serving size suggests. I took a few screen shots from 2 different days & thought I would share them with you. I am super happy about this! Like I said though, I am not looking at the amount of calories something has when deciding what I am going to eat.

011313 Capture
These were both snapshots of my food diary from the last couple days.

I also wanted to add that I have noticed a change & it’s probably only a change that I can see, which is completely fine! What I have noticed is that my belly doesn’t look or feel as bloated as it was just a week ago! I know that I haven’t lost any weight yet but that’s a big enough difference in my body for me to notice! Just showing me that my hard work and dedication to myself is paying off!
I am happy to report that I have not noticed a change in my supply, Lily is still nursing like a champ!


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