Lily update!

I know it has been like 2 months since I updated on her….I am not very good at this, haha!

Lily is a little over 7 months old now! I cannot believe that she is getting so big so fast! I don’t think that I have noticed time going by so quickly before. I mean it seems that as the older I get the years go by faster, but it just seems different this time. Maybe it’s because we are doing more things than we have ever done before. I don’t know, but I do know all you parents out there know what I am talking about!

Anyway, onto the baby!

Like I said Lily is 7 months old. She is crawling all over the place! Having to tell the older kiddos to make sure their things are off the floor is a daily (multiple times a day) task. She is pulling herself up on everything! She is gnawing on everything in sight! She has been doing that for a few months now but no teeth have popped through…yet! She is taking an interest in food. I have been giving her sweet potatoes (homemade not jarred) but she is having a hard time with those. I don’t want to give her too much too soon. I give her the smallest bite and she always seems to gag on it. I just think that it’s so different that she is having a hard time. I will keep giving it to her though and hopefully can get some ‘real’ food in her! I was told by her ped that it’s no biggie right now if she doesn’t eat it. She is still nursing which I am SUPER happy about! She is however sleeping in her own bed but it’s right next to my side of the bed. Well, for the most part she is sleeping in her own bed. Sometime during the night (I am not sure when) she must wake up and I put her in bed with me to nurse her & then I wake up in the morning and she’s next to me. Which I am not complaining about, I absolutely love it! I am still wearing her too! I love that! I so wish that I would have been doing this with my 4 other kiddos!!! She is smiling, giggling, and talking up a storm! I am loving the interaction that she is getting into!

Let me see how much I can remember from her 6 month appointment 😉
All of her measurements are average. I am happy about that & glad that my body is doing what it should be! She had her shots and didn’t have any problems with that. He said that I can start her on baby food but not to worry if she doesn’t take off with it, which she hasn’t. He said that she should be an excellent sitter upper by 9 months but he didn’t think she would wait that long….and she didn’t. We talked about some other things but I don’t remember, ha! She will be going back for her 9 month appointment in March.

We also went to the dentist this same day as her dr appointment. I wasn’t sure how she would do, but she did awesome! They don’t really do much at this age (from what I have seen) but he said that she looks good! I did bring up one concern that I had with something that I had been feeling in her mouth. Keep in mind that she has no teeth right now. She has had this bump behind her bottom gums for months. I had no idea what it was, how it got there, or why it was there. The dentist felt it and said that it was a tooth bud. I have never heard of that before or had any other of my kiddos have this. He said that it would move it’s way forward and then her teeth would come in. Still nothing and the bump is still there. She goes back in March and we will see if it’s still there.

I am hoping that I covered everything that has been going on. If not, I will add it to her 8 month update! Now I am hoping that I can remember to make the update, haha!

I have an idea for her monthly pictures, so I will try to get that posted this weekend!

See ya next month 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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