Handful Week 1

I will be talking about how I am doing & what happened the week of 01/06/13 – 01/12/13.

Mister and I went to the store on Sunday afternoon and bought some really good things. Mostly fruit but the other things that we bought were things that we would have eaten anyway, but we bought lesser of the two evil. I wasn’t keeping track of anything or writing anything down. I was just eating like I always had been. Well I take that back, I was eating the healthier choice of what I was eating. Does that make sense?!
The first few days of this week my brain was in survival mode or something & it was telling me to eat everything in site. It was wanting everything and craving sweets like crazy! I wasn’t sure how to deal with this feeling so I gave into it and ate pretty much everything that I saw. Not a good thing!

So Wednesday Mister came home from work and told me about a site called My Fitness Pal. I had joined this site back before I became pregnant with Lily. I honestly haven’t even looked at the site since I signed up. Once we logged into the site, we both put what we ate in that day, no lying. I was so upset when I saw the numbers and everything else. I was so upset that I said a few choice words and got an attitude. I actually just went to sleep after this happened because I was so upset.

I still was upset when I woke up Thursday morning but I was determined to at least make an effort. I wasn’t sure how this day would go & what I would actually end up eating.
To my surprise I did pretty well. I was over on calories but I am not too worried about that number right now. I was getting frustrated because there was nothing about breastfeeding in the exercise department. I know it’s not technically exercise but you burn calories just by nursing. So Mister decided to add it their list of exercises. So I just add that everyday! I was over on calories by 500 and something this day but I definitely wasn’t as upset as I was Wednesday.

This brings us to Friday. I measured everything again this day but still ate what I wanted. Well, I take that back. I have been craving chocolate cake but haven’t made it yet. I am too afraid that I will binge on it. I don’t want to deprive myself of anything but I am also aware of my weaknesses right now. I noticed on this day I have a problem between lunch and dinner, it’s the biggest gap between meals for me. I do just fine until *right* before it’s time to make dinner. I would have a snack in between but I am not hungry until this point.  I don’t want to have a snack this close to dinner but my blood sugar drops & I get shaky and very cranky! I will work on this and tweak it as I keep going. At the end of the day when I logged everything that I ate, I was only over 300 & something this time……good improvement! Again, not too worried about going over but definitely keeping it in the back of my mind.

Today is Saturday and I have done really well so far. It’s almost lunch time, which I am happy about because I am starting to get hungry & already had my morning snack!

I have been asked a few times what diet I am doing & I will make another post about that. But this what happened on my first week to a healthier me! Please join me & follow along!
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I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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