Thankfulness Update

So this plan didn’t go as I had wanted to at all!

I wasn’t able to get to the computer every night.
And when I did, I honestly forgot to post anything.

I started doing something instead.
I started writing letters to friends, family, businesses, and anyone else that I could think of that have been a blessing in our lives.
I did honestly start this in November and am not finished yet. I just sent out my first batch of thankfulness letters yesterday. (Which, by the way, I forgot to put a return address on the envelopes! Hope no one moved!)

I have more to write out and send!

I would like to not just do this during November but when someone does something, no matter how big or small. Take the time to sit down and write a letter to tell someone “Thank you”.

It seems like these days no one really does this anymore. I am very guilty of this! With technology these days there is no need to write a handwritten letter anymore. Heck, phone calls aren’t even needed to say thanks anymore! We just shot a text, email, or post it on Facebook.

Convenient : yes.
Personable: not so much.

It wouldn’t kill anyone or take up much time to do this forgotten tradition. And if you say you don’t have time you are lying! It can take less than 5 minutes to write a thank you letter.
Have more than 1 to write? Write them in between commercials while watching your favorite TV show, waiting for the dryer to stop, waiting in the Dr office. Stop and think about the free time you have…no matter how little time it actually is. You can always find time to write a quick “Thanks” to someone who took the time to do something nice for you!

Like I said, I have more to write and will get them out as soon as I can. I like doing this better than the posting on Facebook once a day about what you are thankful for. For some reason, doing this take more effort and means more. At least to me anyway.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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