Heavy heart

My heart has been super heavy lately for friends and family that are going through life. There are just so many struggles going on and there is nothing that I can do expect pray for them. I am not saying that’s not enough, but when you see someone you love struggle with anything, you want to be there with them & help them through this time.

Recently I have connected with an old friend from high school and found out some details about her that just break my heart. I have not heard the story from her but from a mutual friend that has been talking with her sister. And you can just look at this friend and know that she isn’t well. My heart is not only broken about her but what her parents must be going through also. And not only have I found out that she has been heavy into drugs but also that she lost her 8 month old son 5 years ago. No one (from what I have heard) even knew she was pregnant let alone knew about her son passing. I don’t know the story because my friend didn’t go into detail but he died in his crib. How incredibly heartbreaking!

I was talking with this mutual friend about all this information we were basically finding out at the same time in such a short period of time, and we are in such shock. This person you have never thought would fall into that world. Like I told my friend, anyone can fall into that world, it’s all a choice. But it doesn’t make it easier to deal with and have it sink in any better.

I have reached out to this friend and told her that I am here for her no matter what if she would like to talk about anything. I have given her my phone number and address. Some people communicate better in words rather than speaking, so I wanted to leave the door open for either to her. I really haven’t had her contact me other than a few messages back & forth. Hopefully she will open up to someone soon and get some help! I love her too much to see her like this and not  want something better for her.

I want to say to anyone going through a rough time or just need to talk through something or aren’t what to do about something…..PLEASE talk to someone! It doesn’t have to be a friend or a family member. There are so many hotlines out there. If you go to a church, talk to a pastor there. If you don’t want to talk to someone at your church, go to another one where they don’t know you like your home church might.  Talk to someone! I don’t really care who it is…..talk to someone that would be able to help you or get help for you. No one should ever go through anything alone! Please get in touch with someone and reach out to them. Cry, write things down, talk, draw….do something to help get your feelings out. You are never alone & someone has gone through what you are going through right this minute! Reach out!

Suicide Helplines
Depression 24/7 Helpline
Addiction Treatment Center
National Domestic Violence Hotline

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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