Love Dare

I know that many couples have done this and it’s old news, but I have never done this before….nor have I seen the movie.
I want to see the movie very much & have been wanting to…it just hits so close to home for me. I have no problem sharing our story but seeing it is another thing. Mister has seen the movie and said whenever I am ready to see it that I need to let him know ahead of time so he can make sure we have enough tissues! I have been wanting to do the Love Dare but never got around to it…life gets in the way & my mind is always going in a million different directions.

I have been talking to a friend and trying to help her work on her marriage and give her Godly advice and not take the easy road (him way more than her). But that’s another story. Anyway, I had mentioned this book to her and offered to do it with her so that she would have someone along the way to talk to about it. Plus it wouldn’t hurt anything if I did it too. A friend of mine had the book so I am borrowing theirs!

I started the Love Dare today. I am writing down the questions and then answering them at the end of the day. I am not sure exactly how challenging this dare will be. In the beginning of the book it says that it might get hard and difficult. That sorta makes me nervous but I definitely think that Mister & my marriage is worth it.

I will do updates about what is going on & if I notice a difference in the way that I am going about things or treating Mister. We have a great marriage but there is no reason not to make it better if I can.

Have any of you done the Love Dare? Care to share your experience?


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