6 month med check-up

This is just an update that I thought I would share of how my two oldest are doing on their medication. If you didn’t read my first post about them starting these meds, please check it out!

They just had their 6 month dr appt this past week. They are growing perfectly & the dr isn’t concerned about that. The appt was short, sweet, and to the point. There really isn’t much to report from the dr appt, but here is how it is at home and what we have noticed from them being on their meds.

Since they have started their medication it has been so much nicer around here! Don’t get me wrong, we still have those episodes and fits, but they are nothing like they were before the meds.

M’s issues in school are much better! He is still having some outbursts, so we have decided to up his dosage to 15mg. D never had an issue in school, so there is nothing to update about him with that.

They are both much more enjoyable now. You can talk to them now instead of having a yelling match. There is no more screaming coming from D, no more banging on the wall or hurting himself.

As they get older, we will work with them and teach them how to deal with what is going on with them & wean them off their meds. Now was not the time to try any of this. Believe when I say it wouldn’t have been worth it. For right now, putting them both on meds was the best choice & solution. Since we can actually talk to them now when they are upset, makes it easier to teach them and help them work through their anger. We don’t want them on meds their entire life, so while they are under our roof, we will work on this with them. Once they are old enough and move out, they can choose to be on meds or not.

Anyway, went too far into the future, haha!

To sum it up, they are doing really well and the household is much more enjoyable. The boys are happier too & you can tell that they are thriving from being on the meds.

If you would like to read more about what they are on (Focalin) or what they have (ODD & ADHD) please click the links.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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