Life update

So it has been too long since I have been here & miss it!
I started a few things and then wasn’t able to finish blogging about it. I can usually finish it in life but have a hard time carving out time to type it all.
I really enjoy sharing my life with you all & beat myself up a little too much when I am not able to update or finish sharing with you.
But I know that that’s life and I cannot do it all…..or even some most days 😉
My computer crashed in July & I am now having to use Mister’s computer. He takes it to work almost everyday (he needs it) but Saturdays. So I have very little time to actually jump on here. And when I am able to & log on to make a post, my brain is going so quickly that I cannot even keep my thoughts together!
Anyway, enough about all that….here is an update on the 7 of us.

The boys are doing great in school. M is doing much better than he was last year. D is still in love with school & I am so thankful that hasn’t changed! B, C, & L are all doing great! We have been to the dentist & drs lately doing check-ups & getting things done where they need to be.
B just had some dental work done today. She will also be seeing a dermatologist as soon as the referral goes through. C will be having some hearing tests done next month. L is growing like a weed & just going for her regular check ups.
All 5 kiddos are doing great, are happy, healthy, & growing up too fast!

Mister is still in the same line of work & company that he has been at since we moved to TX. I am still doing the same thing these days. We are the boring ones out of the family! Nothing much is going on with us lately that is worth posting about. We are still living in the same place but hoping to change that very soon!
Mister and I have started up our Amway business again & trying to get a few regular customers very month. We have a few that are wanting to order, so that’s exciting! Plus that extra will come in handy.
We are still really enjoying being in TX & are looking forward to planting our roots here and calling this place home.

I started this post a few days ago so I am not sure what all I wanted to add in this post anymore & I am sure that I am forgetting something. Have any questions and/or comments, please leave them below!
I will also try and post more about what is going on in our life and hopefully yall will stick around for the ride!

I know that I need to do the monthly updates on L (I have missed a month or 2…soon to be 3 if I don’t get on the ball!!!) Plus I would like to start up again with writing to the kiddos each night about the day. Hopefully I will remember to do these things shortly + other things like I said.

Hope yall had a great Halloween & can’t wait to start blogging again on a regular basis 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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