2 Months PP

This is really overdue!!!! It took me awhile to get updated pictures of the two of us, they were taken this month but not exactly on the 7th.

She is growing like a weed! She is already in 3-6 month clothing…makes me sad when I had to change out her clothing. She is already wanting to sit up. When she is laying down she is trying to push herself up to try and sit up. This is all happening way too fast! I have told her many times to slow down but she just isn’t listening! Makes me so sad 😦 She is talking up a storm these days. She has started talking when she nurses also which takes twice as long now but it’s ok because she is so gosh darn cute when she does it. I was going to wait until her 2 month check up to do her update but I will just make a separate post about that……it’s next week! She loves her chair that her Nana bought her! She even falls asleep in it sometimes. She is just recently taking cat naps during the day. Which is fine, but it makes it hard to get anything done….but that is my fault because I just want to play with her! She is still breastfeeding (I cannot believe it) and sleeping mostly through the night. She wakes up between 2-3 times a night….all depends on when her & I go to bed. I don’t count her feedings until I go to sleep & have to wake up. She has recently been getting really fussy when she nurses (I hold her football style). So I was trying to figure out what was going on and how can I help her out? Thought it was gas but that wasn’t it. So now that sorta lay on my back and she nurses on top of me. She loves it and lately will nurse like that more than any other position. I get the bigger smiles from her when she is like that.We are still doing tummy time & she is doing great and staying on her belly longer but she still isn’t the biggest fan. But we will keep doing it!

Lily at 2 months!
I think that is all I have to update on her right now. Like I said, I will update after her appointment next week!

I am doing just great. Had my 6 week follow up appt about 2 weeks ago! I gained about 5 pounds since last month & I got (and still am) bummed about that. On the other hand it’s not like I was doing anything to change that. I did start walking about 1 week before my appt. I haven’t been walking since my appt & I kick myself everyday that I don’t but apparently it’s not enough to make myself do it. I am going to be documenting my weight loss journey as soon as I can remember to take my measurements. I am going to loose this baby weight (from all 5 babies!) if it kills me…and it just might. So stay tuned to find out the rest of that story 🙂

Until next month


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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