RTRD – Boys Room

This is my last room in this series. This is also the last time that I am helping these boys clean their room! I don’t know if it’s because they are boys and there are 3 of them or what but their room is always the worst!

Can you see what I mean?! It’s always like this. Bedding off the bed, that last drawer is always out, and you can barely see the floor! So this is the last time. In a later post I will show you what I have put into place so (hopefully) this doesn’t happen again.

Anyway, I sat on the bottom bunk and gave out directions on what to do and where things went. I had the easy job in this one!

Those 3 boys were the workers for this RTRD. Child labor at it’s finest 😉
They worked well and most of the time I had to tell C-man (3 yrs old) to keep going. He definitely doesn’t like to clean and would rather watch than participate…..but what kid isn’t like that!?

They had a few things to finish up and I needed to get the brown bag of trash outta there. for right now all those hats are in place with a tack. I want to get some hooks so that they can just take and put their hats on with ease. No excuses for them when I can get a few things in their room!

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it better not get like this again. Stay tuned for the post about their new schedules!


2 thoughts on “RTRD – Boys Room

  1. Wooo!!! Lookin good! And what is it with that last drawer? Mine do that do; I finally gave up and started putting their clothes in colored bins. All but one broke just about all the drawers in their dressers.

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