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I never would of thought that I would be this kinda mother. I used to think that (some of these things) were bogus and that it didn’t make a difference if you did these things with\for\to your child. I had some of my own thoughts and opinions for these mothers & their children and it wasn’t very nice. But then I met my very good friend Samantha. She was pregnant with your first child when I met her. Once her son, B, was born she started getting into more natural things. I started to think that she was a little nutty about some of this stuff but I listened and looked at what she would show me……I could still learn something from all this! So anyway, she invited me to this yahoo group for local ‘green’ mothers, we went to a playdate, and Samantha started asking about cloth diapers. Now this caught my attention because I thought they were like the old school cloth diapers. If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a picture:

Then these mothers started pulling diapers out and showing us that todays cloth diapers were nothing like the ones previous. I mean you can still use cloth diapers that way but for me, that was definitely a turn off for me. Once I saw how cute they were & easy the maintainance was, I was hooked! I wish I had a ton of money to spend on them because the designs and fabric are endless & oh so adorable! Mister & I’s favorite diaper right now are gDiapers (thanks Nicole).

Breastfeeding was never my friend. I have tried with all of my children &, for whatever reason, never worked out. I was disappointed but I didn’t have support or anyone to talk to about this. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #5 I told myself that I would breastfeed if it killed me & it felt like it was going to in the beginning. I don’t know if it’s the times or the place but there is definitely more support out there for those mothers who are wanting to breastfeed. I thank every single one of you for the support that was given to me! Lily is almost 10 weeks old & breastfeeding is going strong! First time it’s ever worked out for me & I am so thankful!

Now baby wearing is something that I thought only skinny mothers could do. I was given a baby carrier after my second son was born and after I put it on, it was tight & uncomfortable. I never used it and thought they were all like that. Here comes Samantha again! She wanted to wear B. So she ended up buying enough fabric for two wraps. She asked if I wanted the other half and I said sure. I wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to wrap it or wear it. At this time my youngest was over a year and I had never worn him at all. A lady came over and showed me how to wrap it around me and then put my son in it. Yea that didn’t work at all! My son wanted nothing to do with it & I didn’t have the patience to even try to make it work. But again, when Lily came around I wanted to try it out. We all know how babies wake up as soon as you put them down & you can’t seem to get anything done because they just want to be in your arms. So I asked Samantha if she had an extra one that she wouldn’t mind if I borrowed. She did & sent it to me. I tried it out and it wasn’t a fit for Lily or I. I belong to a large family group on FB & they have made another group where if you need\want something, post it, and then if someone has it you just pay shipping. I saw that one mom was looking for another wrap other than her Moby. I then asked her if I could use her Moby if she wasn looking at using something else. She said sure & asked for my address. Not too long after that I received a package of a Moby wrap but it wasn’t her name or even the state she lived in. I sent her a message asking if this was from her and she said yes & that she had bought a wrap for me on Amazon! How awesome is she!? It took me awhile to get the hang of it & to wear it correctly. I finally got the hang of it & absolutely love it! I use it almost daily and even put it in my diaper bag when going out. It’s definitely been a life saver. If you are interested in one or just want more information, I will point you to Moby’s website.

Now co-sleeping I thought was a joke. What is the point in sleeping with your baby? I couldn’t imagine getting any sort of sleep that way. Or having any time with my husband. This just wasn’t my thing. That is until I was breastfeeding Lily. There was no way that I was going to want to get up everytime she woke up, sit up, and then walk her back over to her bed. Yes I had done that with my other 4 but I am older now 😉 Anyway, I also started laying down to nurse her at night. Holy moly that is way easier! She didn’t even sleep in her bed until just recently and that’s just for the beginning of the night. Once she wakes up for her first night feeding, she stays in the bed with me. It’s working out great and neither Mister or I are loosing sleep. And no we haven’t rolled on her or anything like that.

So if you would have told me 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing with my baby, I probably would have laughed at you and called you crazy! I love this wear of parenting with my baby & wish I would have known and started sooner. But I am older and wiser (I think) now so I am more open with things. If you have a newborn or are pregnant, I hope that you consider doing some of these. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for help. If you parent differently than this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Like I said before, I never would have thought that I would be doing any of this but glad that I am!

Some resources for you:
All About Cloth Diapers
LLLI-Baby Wearing


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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