RTRD: Living Room

I thought this room was going to kick my butt & be the hardest, but apparently it just looked worse than what it actually was. I have to confess that I didn’t get a true picture of the before. I was cleaning it up and then the kiddos jumped in and started helping & completely forgot!

This was the kiddos corner I guess you could call it. They had their cubbies, art drawers, puzzle drawer, coloring book drawer…anything craft\coloring related was here.

I ended up moving these around to create more floor space. This was more about organizing than anything else.

Almost the entire floor looked like this. Just stuff everywhere & little pieces of crayon.

This is all my MILs things that are waiting to be shipped. I cannot do what I want to do with all this sitting here either. So once this crap is outta here I will do up the living room how I want and then show you all!

This is Lily’s dresser that is still waiting to be worked on. This is taking way longer than I wanted it to but at least I can still use it!

A small area next to the couch and then under the couch.

The kiddos things were just everywhere in this room! It seemed like every little corner was just littered with their things. I am getting them in the habit of cleaning up the living room every night (something that should have been in places awhile ago).
This room did take me almost all of last week, but I got it done!

I moved the couch around also to see if that gives us more floor space but also to sorta hide that little area that in now behind the couch. We will see how that all looks once my MIL things are gone too.
This is all my MIL things sorta moved around to make more space. It’s all piled up there. I cannot put into words how happy I will be when this is all gone!

The bottom picture is right next to the door and this is where our shoes go. Now we have reduced the amount of shoes that we have and it doesn’t take 55546 hours to find your shoes match anymore!
The top picture is all give away items! It’s either going to the outreach center here in town or it’s going to the clothing swap that a friend & I are having in September. I will be glad when all of that is out too!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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