RTRD: Kitchen Part 1

I think this room kicked my butt more than any other room that I have done so far. I am not sure why or how, but believe me it did! I think I spent almost the entire week on this room alone & it’s not even that big!

I think that I am going to divide up the kitchen so this doesn’t become the longest blog post known to man!

I knew that I wanted to start with the cups because my kiddos just use 1 cup and then put in the sink then when they want another drink they get a new cup….this repeats itself all day with 4 kiddos. Now they have been told that they get 1 cup a day but it didn’t stick. So I did something to make sure that it stuck!

There were just too many sippy cups, cups, and things in there that weren’t even being used. So I went through everything in this cabinet!

And this is what we are left with. I lined up every single kiddo cup that we had & told the kiddos they could each have 2. That was it! There are 4 adult cups (not including the travel mugs). It’s nice to open the cabinet and see this now!

Some were put in a bag for donation.

And some were tossed! Something about finally throwing things that should have been thrown away awhile ago is so freeing! If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should!

These two cabinets are right next to each other. The cabinet in the bottom picture I didn’t change anything about it. I didn’t feel like I needed to do anything with it as it works just fine the way it is now. The top picture was definitely changed around.

I moved things, took things out, and put things in. You will see later where my cookbooks used to be, and I think they do much better here. This set-up is working well for me. I am glad that I moved things where I did!

Now onto my counter tops. These were very cluttered and there seemed to be no flow with anything.

These 4 pictures are my entire counter space and as you might see, I wasn’t using it to my advantage….or at least I didn’t think so. When in the kitchen and making a meal, I always felt like I was a ping pong ball going back and forth from both ends because of where things were placed.

Now I feel that with all the appliances all on one side makes things easier and more central. I put all the fruit in the white basket. There was no place to put them before and this basket is just big enough! All those containers have something in them. The first two (all the way on the left) have flour & sugar in them. The others have rice, other flours, and then the last one has kool aid packets and those add-ins for your water bottles. All the medicines have a place and aren’t just spread out. It’s so nice to have the kitchen this way!

Ok, I think that’s enough for 1 post. I know some of these can get really long. So please find part 2 to see the rest of what happened in my kitchen!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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