RTRD: Kitchen Part 3

Real quick before I forget. These 4 pictures are our silverware drawer and junk drawer…nothing changes in any of these.

Ok now on to the food cabinets, fridge, and freezer! I know you are as excited as I was to clean them out! 😉

These cabinet are all vertical in this order. I know the bottom picture is crappy, sorry! When we first moved in I tried to have these organized but that didn’t last long. Do food cabinet ever stay nice and neat? I mean, maybe they do if you live in Pinterest but I don’t know that it happens in the real world! Anyway, this time around I just wanted like items to be together, didn’t have to look pretty.

There are no food items on the bottom anymore. I never did really like food down there to begin with. The middle cabinet is canned food items. The top is completely baking items. So far this is working out great. I know where everything is and when someone needs something I can tell them where it is.

Same thing I tried to do with the first sets of cabinets, I tried to do here. And again, it failed!

These are the after pictures. I put a white basket in the bottom one for things like potatoes, onions, and other veggies. The middle is snack items. And the top is bread, cereal, and drink mixes that I didn’t\couldn’t put in the tin.

My fridge before was a disaster! Things were just put in there and you hoped the door closed all the way & nothing fell out the next time you opened it! The freezer was not that bad.

I found 3 of these in my fridge! Why my MIL bought three and then just left them when she moved out is beyond me!

Our fridge looked bare after I cleaned it all out! It still looks that way & I like it!

Add 3 more containers and this what I pulled out of the fridge! We are never saving this many leftovers EVER!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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