RTRD – Master bathroom

We find ourselves now in the mater bathroom. Normally it isn’t and doesn’t even have the chance to get like this but the kiddos bathroom isn’t working right now and we are waiting on our landlord to get it fixed. So that means that they have been using ours….lovely!

It’s a weird angle but this is the left side of our bathroom.

Front on view.

Cabinet right next to the tub.

My cabinet under the sink.

Misters cabinet under the sink.

Alittle shelve area next to my sink. Now I have to confess that I took this picture after I already started. I was too excited and then realized that I forgot a ‘true’ before picture. But if you look at the first picture, you can see what it looked like before.

I have Lilys tub drying in the tub and that other container needs to be cleaned out (used it for holding a powder dishwashing soap) so I can use it for dirty cloth diapers.

I took a different angle this time to show Misters side. I think this shot better and should have done it the first time. He has some items that he needs to see if he wants to keep near the black container but you wouldn’t know that unless I told you 🙂

This is that area by my sink. I tried to only put things here that are used the most. That way I am not cluttering the area more and I can find the daily things easier and quickly when needed.

Cabinet near the tub. Since the kiddos can reach this cabinet (when they climb on the step on the tub) I wanted to make sure that I put things on the lower two shelves that it would ok it they touched. Yes, those are hotel bottles on the second shelve. When we first moved to Texas we lived in hotels and I take them. Now I use them in case we run out of something and can’t make it to the store right that second.

This is my cabinet under the sink. I threw a lot of things out. I had been hanging on to a few items that I thought we might use and we haven’t so I tossed them finally. Much less stuff under here now and will be able to find things when needed.

Misters cabinet under the sink. Now most of everything that was under his sink wasn’t unneccessary, just not placed well. So I just did a little reorganizing under here for him 🙂

Now you might be wondering about where our toilet and shower are. If you see in one of the pictures a brown door….that’s where all that stuff is. My boys will be cleaning up that area because they chose to make a mess and not watch where they pee. Plus there isn’t much to do in there decluttering wise anyway. So that is why I didn’t include that area.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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