RTRD – Laundry room

Our laundry room is fairly small. There are many days I wish it were bigger but at least I can get the job done!
I didn’t think it would take me very long to knock this room out….I figured about 2 hours, and I was pretty much right.
Since the laundry room is small, it was more of a decluttering session than anything.

(These are two pictures)
This is the cabinet area above the washer and dryer. As you can see, things were just shoved in there. BTW, that soda that you see, my mother in laws, been there since she left almost 2 months ago. I had no idea it was in there, I rarely go on that side of the cabinet!

This shelving unit is opposite of the washer and dryer. The bottom part is overflow from the cabinets in our bathroom. I cannot have anymore bedding! The top is just misc. stuff that was just put up there.

This is under the shelving unit. The white drawers are where I have rags and wash cloths for spills and cleaning little hands & faces. The white basket is for those dirty rags and wash cloths. The white bucket is currently empty and the orange bucket has our laundry soap in it. Behind all that is a few items that really have nowhere else to go.

(Two pictures)
I did throw some things away and organized it. I am sure that I will fill the shelves as I go through the house some more.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t touch the bottom part of this shelve. There is no point and nowhere else to put those blankets & sleeping bags. But I did declutter the top. It’s mostly for things that little hands shouldn’t be touching.

I did rearrange this a little so we could make the most of our space here. The vacuum never had a home and now it does! But other than those few changes, nothing has changed here.

This room should be fairly easy to maintain as there isn’t much that goes on in here. The most I will have to do is watch that top shelve and make sure that things aren’t placed up there just because.


8 thoughts on “RTRD – Laundry room

  1. Count me in too! I got inspired reading these posts as well. I decluttered my living room, family room, kitchen, and dining room over the last two days. The bedrooms are going to take longer, though. I bought some of those plastic totes from the dollar store and started going through stuff. I’m not going to post pictures but just wanted to say thanks for getting me motivated. It looks ten times better in here now 🙂

      • Thanks! But I’m down a room now. One of my kids dumped out all the totes in the family room and made a fort. So, you’ve got five kids-is there any way to get them to leave anything alone? Is nothing sacred?? 🙂

  2. I like the twice a year arrangement but do you think that’s over-acheiving just a bit? haha. I could go for once a year.

    • Hahahaha! The only reason I say twice a year is because with 5 kiddos and what seems as never enough time, things could build up and me not even notice it until I stop and look. We will see how the twice a year thing goes!

      • Well okay then I can see how twice a year may be a good idea. Maybe once in the spring when its nice to have the windows open and again in the summer when its so hot everyone has to stay inside anyway.

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