Burnt cookies

There was a party yesterday for a friend in our home group that is being deployed, he starts his journey on Sunday morning. At first I said that I would bring a side dish but then changed my mind to cookies. My oldest son was helping me out with this. Everything was going well until…..

Until everyone seems to start fighting, Lily needed to nurse, and the cookies were being burnt! All of this was happening at the same time & I only have 2 arms. I thought the cookies burnt because the temp was too high, even though I put it at what the recipe said, my oven doesn’t like to listen. So I turned it down. That temp ended up not being hot enough. So I turned the knob to somewhere inbetween those two temps. Well between the nursing and trying out figure out who was hitting who and why…..the darn cookies burnt again!

I litterly took the cookies out of the oven, turned the oven off, and said “Screw the cookies, I am bringing store bought!”. I was so fed up at this point with everything that was going on. I told everyone to leave me alone and I sat on our bed to finish nursing Lily. I calmed down and put Lily down for a nap. Came out to inspect the cookies and they were definitely burnt. I am not just talking about the bottoms……nope sides & tops too!

The first dozen already had kisses in them (we were making peanut butter blossoms). The kisses were just at a right temp where they still held their shape but if you touched them, you would get chocolate on you….perfect! So this is what I did…..

That’s right! I licked all the kisses out of the cookies! The cookies themselves weren’t edible. I felt like a little kid doing something behind my parents back. I was trying to lick them as fast as I could so I didn’t get caught by little ones and have to share! That melty chocolaty goodness was just the ticket to forget the chaos that was going on just 30 minutes ago!

Next time you get stressed or upset about something, go ahead, lick the chocolate out of those cookies….totally worth it!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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