Room to Room Documentary

Ok it will just be pictures so I am still documenting it 😉

I am going from room to room in my house and taking before & after pictures of each room. I will then clean that room. And by clean I don`t just mean pick things up off the floor. No sir! I am decluttering also! I am actually putting things where they belong instead of just putting it somewhere. I am moving furniture that could have things under it and cleaning it out.

I have already started in mine & Misters room and about half way through it (started yesterday). Now this isn`t some sort of race….I am doing this so it will last and become habit.

I am either giving the item a home, donating, or throwing it away! Those are the only places items are going in my house. The kiddos also have no say in this!

I am asking if anyone wants to join me in this. You don`t have to do the same room as I am. If you have a blog, share your progress on your blog and I will my readers to it. If you don`t have a blog, you could start one or send me pictures —->


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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