Meal Planning

Now I know that meal planning isn’t the easiest or most desired thing on a mothers to-do list and I know that there are plenty of people out there that have their tips and tricks…and I am going to add to that list of people!

I don’t think that there is any magic formula out there that will make this faster, better, or less painful 😉
I have tried a few different things and none worked for me. This last time that I was meal planning I tried something different, something that I think might actually work for me! Here is my story:

  1. When I first started meal planning there was no actual planning. It was me looking into the fridge/freezer and trying to figure out what to make a few hours before dinner was supposed to be on the table.
    This method wasn’t very good for anyone!
  2. Then I started doing it weekly. Every Sunday I would sit down, flip through my cookbooks (online & paper), write out the meals, and then write up my grocery list. This worked for awhile and then it became too much to do every week.
  3. Last week I was going to try something different. I decided that I was going to write down all the recipes that I thought the family would like. I then printed off a calendar so that I could post dinner and no one had to ask me. Well I couldn’t pick just 5 dinners off that list (I don’t cook on the weekends). So I decided that I would just pick dinners for the rest of the month. Well then I had too many for July….printed off a calendar for August & filled that month up. I then ripped up little pieces of paper, wrote the dinner on it, put paper in a hat, and had each kiddo pick from the hat. That way I didn’t have to figure out where to put what dinner & whatever dinner they pulled out of the hat, they get to help me make that dinner. I just put their first inital somewhere in the box on that day.

(The sticker means the kiddos liked it….the ‘X’ means it was a no-go)

So far (I have only done this method for this past week) it’s working. Now the only thing that I have to do weekly is write out a grocery list….which I would have to do anyway. So right now I have 2 months worth of dinners planned out & none of them repeat! I am hoping this works for us because I feel such a relief and weight off my shoulders. Plus the kiddos get to get their hands dirty & I bond with them at the same time.

We also like our desserts….a lot! So instead of buying a ton of sweets & then trying not to make them all in one day, I decided to make a different dessert every Saturday. That way there is something different each week and (hopefully but not banking on it) it should last all week. We just made our first dessert today (brownie pizza!) so we shall see which day during this upcoming week it’s all gone 🙂

I will update about how this is working out of us next month so I can have this plan going on for a few weeks!

If you are having trouble keeping up with your meal planning or just want to try something different, give this a try & let me know how it works for you!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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