I’m a ‘seasoned’ Mother

I have 5 kiddos.
I have been a Mother since I was 20 years old…I am now 28.
I have had a fair share of things happen in our household….you name it, we probably have come across it already.
And with having 3 boys and 2 girls the list of what we are/will go through will just get longer.
I have been able to help friends with their questions or when they are going through something with their child(ren).
I have been able to give great tips/tricks to friends.
I have learned a lot from being a mother…..
But I am not done learning.
It seems that most people think that when they get to a certain point in life or when they experienced a certain amount of things in life, then they have hit some sort of milestone and then automatically know everything about everything.
This isn’t the case with me. Or at least it isn’t anymore….in my younger years I would have had this mind set.
No matter what you go though, what your age, or who/what you come across you are never done learning. You can always learn something from someone.
Don’t think for one second that just because someone is younger than you that you can’t learn something from them. You would be so wrong in thinking that. Age is just a number. You have no idea what lies within those years.

I am not a new mother but I am new to breastfeeding. I have tried with my older 4 but it never worked out. I was determined with baby #5 to make it work! I don’t know what made it ‘click’ this time around but whatever it was…I am so thankful! My point being is that I am learning so much from other Moms who only have 1 or 2 kiddos. I am not that educated on breastfeeding and all the small information tidbits that others know.

^^^See my point??? 28 years old. 5 kiddos. Learning from mothers who have ‘less’ experience being a mother.

I am so open to hearing what has worked for others and what hasn’t. No matter what the topic about children.
I have experienced a lot in my “Mother” years. I, bynomeans, know everything nor do I claim to. I will never know everything there is to know about being a mother.
You should always be open to learning more about anything! You never know what you will ending knowing and meeting along the way. Keep your mind, ears, and eyes open to what others say. Never assume that you cannot learn from others…..period. You always can and you always should!


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