1 month PP

I cannot believe that our Lily is already a month old!
Well technically as I am typing this up she is already 5 weeks and some days, but who’s counting 😉

She is growing like crazy! On the 25th of June she weighed 8lbs 1 oz. When we went to our WIC appointment she weighed 9lbs 6oz!!!! I would say that she is doing great! I wasn’t expecting that much of a weight gain! She is still waking up between 2-3 times a night. She is sleeping more during the day (growth spurt!? I know her 6 week growth spurt is coming up). Not neccissarly longer naps but just more naps throughout the day. Her head control is getting much better! Her facial expressions are too funny! We love to watch her make all those faces 🙂
We can get her to smile more often. Trying to capture a picture of those smiles….well that’s another thing! I always seems to get the very end. Apparently I need to work on my skills 😉
Her siblings are all willing to help out. Most of the time they are coming to me wanting to hold her, carry her, change her diaper, change her clothes….anything! I was surprised about that! I am very thankful that they all love thei sister so much and are wanting to help her (and me!) out so much!
I did notice the other day that her newborn clothes seemed alittle small on her now. NO!!!!!! That can’t be happening already, can it!? She needs to slow her roll alittle bit!
I was rocking her to sleep last night and it’s the first time that I noticed she seemed bigger and heavier. She is getting rolls and everything. Ahhh, our little lady is growing so fast!
I am going to take a picture every month now (on the 7th) of her. I cannot wait to see all the changes that we will be able to see when she is 1 year old! I will post that once I get it on the computer.

I am doing just fine. I had to reschedule my 6 week appointment that was supposed to happen on Thursday. And the soonest they could get me in in 08/15! My dr is popular apparently! It’s fine though…I have no concerns or questions about anything that is going on. If something comes up between now and then I will just call the office.
This time last year I was around 250lbs. The day I gave birth to Lily I was 232-ish. On 07/09/12 I was 208! I have never been this small. I am super excited to start working out & getting in shape. This is a huge jump start to my goal of having a 1 as the first number of my weight…not a 2. I don’t have a plan on what to do for a workout but I know that I will start slow. I belong to a great group on FB of Mommies that are wanting to loose weight and be a support to each other!

I will no longer be doing weekly updates….from now on it will be monthly. Thank you for reading 🙂
See ya around the 7th!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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