PP Week 3

I cannot believe that Miss Lily is 3 weeks old already! Time is flying by & I am not sure that I am liking that so much 😐
Here is the recap on what’s been happenin’ with Lily & Mommie 🙂

She had her 2 week check up on Monday. I was alittle nervous to see what her weight was going to be. Her dr said that they like to see babies pass their birth weight (7lbs 11oz) by this appointment. Oh, I guess I should mention why I was nervous…duh! This is the first time that breastfeeding has ever worked out for me but I was nervous to what the numbers would say. Was she eating but not getting enough? Was I actually able to feed my child the way that I wanted to? Ok, back to what happened at her appointment. The nurse takes her and puts her on the scale…8lbs 1 oz!!! Yay!!! I was relieved to know that it was actually working & she was getting enough! I could have jumped up & down at this point! Nurse had to prick her heel so she could be tested for 30 some dieases. Dr said she is looking good and that her skin looks good too. We go back for her 2 month appointment in August.
Lily is a great eater! I am so very thankful that this is working out! She is sleeping great at night..waking up 1, sometimes 2 times a night…some nights I am lucky and she doesn’t wake up at all! During the day she only wants to sleep when I am holding her (like right now) or if I am close to her. She is getting better though at staying asleep once I put her down. Her siblings are always asking and wanting to help out. I take advantage of it so I can get some things done around the house but always let them know that they don’t have to & whenever they are finished holding her to let me know and I will take her back. I love that they want to help out but I don’t want them to think that they have to take care of her…she isn’t their job.
She is still in newborn to 0-3 month clothes. I know that they grow fast so I am putting a different outfit on everyday until she has worn them all & then we can wear the others more than once. (Hope that made sense to someone because it isn’t making much sense to me)
Still in small cloth diapers. That is going great too! Doing laundry about every other day but I know that it’s worth it for her & our wallet 😉

My swelling is still going down, not sure how long that will take to go away completely. I do not have that pullingtearing feeling that I was having..thank goodness! That was painful! I am pretty sure that I am still loosing weight but I haven’t stepped on a scale to know. My clothes are fitting much better than they ever did before I got pregnant, so that must be a good sign, right!? I am getting around better and not so sore. Able to pick more things up. Still sweating like crazy during the night even with a fan blowing on me…thanks hormones!
My paper work, when I was discharged, told me to take my steri strips off if they didn’t fall off by themselves in a week. Well I was nervous about doing that since I had never had a csection before nor such a large battle wound before. So I left them one longer…figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. Well at about week 2 while in the shower I decided to start to take a few off. And I only took a few off..made me nervous to take more off. After that I looked in the mirror to see what it looked like…..after seeing it with some strips off, I decided that I would take a few off everytime I was in the shower. I just took the rest off today. It makes me nervous to know that they aren’t there anymore, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on my battle wound.
Still wearing my breast pads. Hoping that I don’t have to wear them the entire time I am breastfeeding….would like to not have to wear a bra 247! And I have finally stopped my postpartum bleeding! I can’t stand that yucky stuff!
Emotionally I am still doing ok. I am definitely having my days where I am feeling very overwhelmed. I am having hard days with the oldest 4. I dont know if they are testing me more or if they are doing what they have always done, it’s just bothering me more now. I don’t know but I am trying to deal with things and not beat myself up if things don’t get done or if I slip up with the kiddos. I am making a point to apologize to them if I get way out in left field though. I don’t want them thinking it’s ok for me to act that way and not them….because it’s not. Right now, as far as the house goes, I am struggling to keep up with laundry and dishes. And it all depends on how demanding Lily is…..she comes first right now & everything must wait. I am hoping to have this house back in order before school starts again 😉

These are the updates on the two of us right now. Will update next week!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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