* Week 40 *

Making this short & sweet because I have a better post for you to read, but I didn’t want to leave this week out! I turned 40 weeks on 06512

As far as symptoms go, nothing really changed from the week before. I knew Baby L was still breech but I was trying everything I could to get baby to turn! I ended going into L&D on 06612 because of decreased fetal movement. I wasn’t sure if it was because, obviously, there wasn’t much room or if it was something else. So I called my OBs after hours line & talked with my dr. I was told to drink a pint of water & then lay on my left side for an hour….if I didn’t feel a difference then I needed to go straight to L&D. That’s exactly what I did because there was no difference after doing what I was told. We get there, get hooked up to the monitor, and of course, Baby L starts showing off! I would much rather have that outcome then anything else though. The nurse comes back from giving this report to my dr & tells us that I have been put on tomorrows (06712) schedule for a csection. I was alittle taken a back by this because I wasn’t prepared for her to come back and say this. But my appointment was the next day & was told to keep it and we could talk with my dr more about it then. So that’s what we did. I think Mister & I were kind of in shock about how soon they wanted to have it that when they wanted to confirm for later that day for my csection, we said yes without thinking.

So with that being said, I will stop and I will get Baby L’s birth story up ASAP so I don’t leave you hanging for too long 😉


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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