Friendships can be such an adventure….both good and bad. You never really know how a friendship will go or how it will end, if it ever does. There is so much at risk when you start to develop a friendship and open up with each other.
I know that I have had my fair share of wonderful & not so wonderful friendships. I love my friends! I know that it’s an old saying and it might be cheesy to some of you but I really live by this saying: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.
I honestly try to live by that when interacting with people in general, not just my friends. I don’t always know how to communicate certain emotions, but I am constantly trying to work on that.

I have, maybe, a hand full of girlfriends that I can count on no matter. They may not always be able to drop everything at that moment but I know that they will be there when they can. I love them for that. They are honest with me & don’t tell me what I want to hear when I come to them for advice. They have been there for me through great & not so great times. Some of them don’t always know what to say when I bring something to them, but they are there for me.
Most of these friends don’t live near me….which completely sucks, but we are there for each other nonetheless. They are all different and bring something different to the table & I love that! We all have different stories & it’s so great to hear them all!
If you have these friendships in your life, don’t you dare let them go or end them over something stupid! Believe me when I say that you will forever regret it!

I have a friend who, literally, cries when she talks to her mom about me. That breaks my heart! She almost cries when I send her belly pictures because she wants to be here so bad but cannot. I love her for that! In my opinion, that speaks volumes about our friendship…..more than I could ever put into words! Friendships like that don’t happen often.

Keep your circle of friends so close but don’t suffocate them. Treat everyone has a friend and definitely make sure you trust who you are talking to. I know that people change and do things that you would never think they would, but sometimes taking that risk & investing in a friendship is so worth it in the end! Take that leap of faith with, at least, one friend & see what happens! Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Sometimes you have to treat your friendships with as much attention as you would with a boyfriend….you have to maintain it & make sure that you aren’t just receiving but also giving. Tell your friends what they mean to you….don’t forget them in the business of your world. Just a simple note, text, email, something – can brighten their day more than you would ever know. Even if they don’t do these things for you (maybe that’s a new step for them), do it for them anyway….they will probably come around and start doing it for you. Build the ones you have and don’t always go looking for a new one. Add to your group but not willy nilly like. Have all the friends that you want in the world…..but be very selective on your close circle….as those are the ones that will (hopefully) last forever!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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