* Week 39 *

I turned 39 weeks on Tuesday but wanted to type up my update after my drs appointment which was today. So here goes!

I am feeling very tired! I am still not sleeping through the night very well and, most, days I am able to take a nap but those aren’t helping me. I think I am just stuck with feeling tired all the time, haha! Lots of pressure in my hip area from Baby L moving & not having a lot of room. My hips are cracking at night when I roll over from side to side & that makes it feel better but it’s not for very long. I still don’t eat a lot & it’s not because I don’t want to….I just don’t think there is anymore room for food to fit! Nesting as taken a back seat as my body is in pain most of the time & I don’t have those huge urges anymore to do extra stuff. I am ok with that though, haha!

Now onto what happened at my drs appointment.
Baby L still hasn’t turned! I tried some cold packs on the top half of my belly last night to try and get baby to go to the warmer part of my belly. You could definitely tell that Baby L didn’t like that at all! Which is a good thing! I will try and do that every night in hopes that it works. I am also going to try some other things that I have looked up and that friends have suggested to me. Been praying that Baby L will turn! I weight the same as last week & my blood pressure is fine. My dr will let me go to 41 weeks…so that gives me alittle more time to try and get Baby L to turn. If Baby L doesn’t turn, then I have choosen to opt for a csection. Not my first choice but I feel that it is the best choice for Baby L at this point. I have talked with other women & some family….have heard many stories about other things that I could do & this is what’s best for Baby L. My dr also asked if I wanted to be induced & I said no. So he said that he will just wait for me to go into labor on my own….which I hope happens because I have already been induced & it definitely takes the fun out of the surprise of when baby will be here.

Prayers would be great that Baby L turns & that I don’t need a csection & that I don’t need to be induced.

My next appointment is next Thursday, so I won’t do my 40 weeks update until then. Have a great week! 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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