* Week 37 *

Ahhhh!!! Getting so close! It has begun to hit me that I am so close to my due date and close to meeting Baby L!

This past week was not fun….at least not the end of the week.
I have been feeling more pressure in that area & where my belly sticks out the most. For whatever reason this baby likes to push himherself up against my belly. You can feel the baby when heshe does this! Makes it alittle awkward to walk sometimes. My back is still taking a beating but thanks to Mister, I am getting (almost) daily back rubs. Although I am not sure if this is really happening but at the end of most days, my feet & ankles feel like they are so swollen. Mister noticed it once but I don’t think anyone is really paying attention. The reason why the end of my week wasn’t so great was because I ended up getting a 24 hour stomach bug. That was definitely not fun being 3637 weeks pregnant and hugging the toilet! I hope that never happens again! And for you ladies that it does happen to….I am so sorry & feel your pain!

My appointment this week happened to fall on the day that my weeks change over! My appointment over all went well. Baby & Mommie are doing just fine. I lost about 5lbs since last week, but I am pretty sure that’s because I was sick & didn’t eat for over 24 hours. Blood pressure & baby’s heartbeat is just fine. I had some labs done last week & it came back that my iron count was alittle low. So they want me to take iron pills 2x daily. I don’t do pills. It’s all in my head as to why, but I just don’t swallow them. So I am going to try and find some foods that I can eat instead of taking the pills. Hopefully that will help. My dr says that Baby L is still breech but as also said that he wants to do an ultrasound soon to make sure. There have been a few appointments where he wasn’t sure if the baby turned or not. Either way, I am not going to worry about it right now. There is still time for Baby L to turn. If Baby L doesn’t turn, then I will look at my options then. Although I know the options that I have, I am just not going to worry over it. I go back next Wednesday for my 38 week appointment!

37 Weeks
Taken on 051512


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