Stop having babies (2)

Yes I am still talking about it & no you don’t have to keep reading it.

So after I posted my blog last night & was trying to go to sleep, it seemed like my brain wouldn’t shut off about this topic. Thoughts were coming to my mind. Ones that I have thought before but had forgotten to mention in the first post. So I figured instead of just letting the thoughts float around in my mind and it keep bothering me, that I would write about it again. So here goes!

One thought that keeps popping my head is that I get all this feedback (good & bad) about the amount of children that we have and I am no one special. I cannot imagine the amount of feedback (letters, emails, comments, etc.) that the Duggars get! And one more than one occasion people have said that we are going to be the next Duggars and compare us to them. They have 20 children…we have (almost) 5…not even close. Though I admire the Duggars & would love to meet them one day (I bet she has some awesome tips\tricks), it gets old hearing the same comments over & over again. I can’t even stand to read the comments about the Duggars when people post them. It’s not your life nor is it interfering with your life. I think that anything more than 3 children (and that’s pushing it for some) makes others feel uncomfortable & (for whatever reason) the need to tell people to stop having kids. Get over it!

One thing people keep bringing up with large families (and people in general) is the topic of public assistance. Now this can be a very touchy subject but I am going to say my opinion of it.
Public assistance is there for when people need it. Things happen in everyones life that you cannot control & need that help. Been there – done that. No, it’s not always the best feeling in the world to know that you need that help but it’s also a good feeling knowing that the help is there when you need it. Should people make a lifestyle off of public assistance….absolutely not! That’s when people are abusing the system & are just being lazy. The programs that public assistance have out there are for people to use them… matter how many people are in your family. For whatever reason, it seems to be acceptable for people with 1 or 2 kids to have some assistance but if you have more children than that, then it becomes an issue. We don’t know (nor is it our business) these families stories & what happened in their life that they need the help. Instead of putting these parents down (who, in the long run are being more responsible about getting the help then not), why don’t we help them and encourage them to get the assistance & then help them in ways so that they can get off of it!?

There should be no shame in people getting\asking for help! And then we wonder why mothers go off the deep end of hurt\kill their children! It’s because if they ask for help they get judged and put down. Shut your mouth & start helping instead of being so negative. Again, we don’t know their stories & don’t need to know them. Just encourage people where they are instead of where you *think* they should be.

That is it for now. If I think of anything later then I will definitely be posting about it!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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