* Week 36 *

I am 36 weeks & 1 day when typing this up!  My weeks change over on Tuesday but my appointments have been happening on Wednesdays, so I have waited until then to do my weekly updates.

I haven’t been feeling any different. Nothing has changed for me in what I am feeling or how my body looks. I had a friend tell me that it looked like I had dropped, so maybe I did! Everyone says that I am all belly and I can different feel that in my back! My back aches daily and it’s getting to the point where I may have to bring the heating pad out like I did a few months ago. The heat here in Texas is definitely taking it’s toll on me. Have already gotten my first sunburn of the season.

My drs appointment wasn’t much different than it was last week. Weight, blood pressure, and Baby L are all doing just fine. My dr isn’t convinced either way yet if Baby L has turned. But he did say that once it gets closer to my due date & he still isn’t sure that he would have an ultrasound done to know either way. I go back next Tuesday (he won’t be in the office next Wednesday) and I will give an update then. Hopefully there will something to update seeing as he will start doing internal exams every week now. If not, you get to wait around just like me and hope that something happens soon!

Until next week 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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