1 Month

Today marks exactly 1 month until my due date with Baby L!
Today I am 35 weeks & 4 day!

It feels like it’s gone so fast & then it also feels like it’s taken forever. But I am sure that most pregnant women can relate to that statement!

Here is a picture that I took today.

I was talking with my 6 year old this afternoon and he was talking about how big my belly was. This pregnancy, I have been all belly. Where usually I would be gaining weight all over. So anyway, I decided to get out the meassuring tape and see just how big my belly was. This is what the tape meassure said:

The only reason that I am sharing this number is because I am pregnant. I would also like to compare what it is today and then what the meassurement is when I go into labor. Yes, I am actually going to try and remember to take the meassurement before I leave for the hospital.

I am so excited to meet Baby L & see if you are adding another boy or another girl! If you want, just for fun, click here to give your guess. I am not really worried about the other details that it wants….just the gender.

I will talk to you all on Wednesday sometime after my 36 week dr appointment!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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