Homemade Part 2

Back in December I made a post about making homemade dish, laundry, and hand soap. Over the last two weeks have had to make a second batch of laundry & hand soap…still have plenty of the dish soap. So I thought I would give an update on how they worked, if I recommend them, and if there would be anything that I would change about them.

Dish soap:
I have found nothing wrong with the powder dishwasher soap that I made. I made it at least 6 months ago and haven’t had to make another batch yet. We can have a full load of dishes to do up to 3 times a day. We are only using a tablespoon at a time and doesn’t need more than that. It has no smell to it and works wonderfully! I have mine stored in a small trash can that has a lid & keep it in the kitchen under our bar.

Laundry soap:
The first batch that was made my mother-in-law wanted to replace using a bar of soap with soap nuts. Now since I had never made this before I went along with it. It cleaned the clothes and everything just fine….no issues there. My issue was that it was very runny…it’s supposed to thicken up like soap. This time around I did it the way that the directions said & hopefully it will look right in the morning. It says to have it sit overnight to thicken. I used a scented bar of soap in hopes that the smell would make the clothes smell good. I will let you know how that goes….errrr…smells once I use it.

Hand soap:
The first batch I made was very thick! I mean it literally looked like snot in a container. And instead of getting soapy (like store bought soaps do) it seemed to just absorb into the skin before you could get it all over your hands. Again, I used a different bar of soap this time thinking that the issue was the brand of soap that I used. After the second batch cooled and sat overnight….it did the same thing. So I am thinking that I need to use less glycerine next time around. I am going to use about half of what the recipe says and see if that doesn’t make any sort of difference.

Here are a few pictures of the 2nd batches of hand & laundry soap that I have made.

 Hand soap
 Laundry soap

All links to the recipes can be found here on my first post about these recipes. None of these recipes are mine!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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