I have about 3 projects that I want to get done before Baby L gets here! 2 of them aren’t big deals at all but the 3rd one will definitely take some time.

Craft #1

This is before. I washed & dried it before spraying it. I also have another one that will be spray painted.

This is the during. I choose yellow because no matter the gender of Baby L, yellow will match. It’s not a very good job…the wind makes it hard to get a good coat on it…plus I ran out of spray paint!

I have two of these crates. One is yellow & the other will either be pink or blue. I will hang these on the wall & use them for storage above the baby bed. During the first few months the baby won’t be able to reach them or pull them down. Not sure what I will put in them yet but it will be nice to have if I need them.

Craft #2

One of my best friends gave this to me when she came to visit for Baby L. I love it! I was just going to leave it in the crib just like this and then let the baby play with them once heshe got older. Then out of nowhere I got this idea to make a mobile with these guys! I am not sure how to make one but Mister went over it with me last night. Hoping we can get this done within the next few days.

Craft #3

This is a horrible picture of the dresser, but it’s heavy for me to move it & Mister would kill me if I did! There are 3 drawers on either side and then where the open spot is used to be a door. I am going to make a fabric bin (found on pinterest) and put it there. We thought about painting it. But that would have to wait until Baby L gets here and I don’t want to do something like that after I have a baby. So we are going to sand it and then stain it. We are either going to put some stencils on the top. Mister suggested that we could brand it and make it look more Texas! Not sure what we will end up doing yet.

These are the 3 craft things that I would like to get done before Baby L gets here! I know it seems like a lot (at least to me) but with Mister’s help I know that we can get it done in the next 5 weeks! I will definitely update with photos to show you all how things are coming along.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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