My Hero

Let me be honest by saying that I haven’t always thought of my husband (Mister) as my hero. Never really looked at anyone that way. Over the years and as Mister & I have grown up and closer…he is my hero on a daily basis. I know he would probably roll his eyes at that statement but it is so very true in my eyes.

There were many times in our past where he wouldn’t stand up for us or wouldn’t do certain things because of his own pride. And it ended up hurting us as a couple & as a family because of the choices that he made & didn’t make. He had to learn from those mistakes…right?!
He absolutely did! And he started changing and making better choices and becoming the man of the house. Now was this an easy transition for me? Absolutely not! In the beginning I fought tooth and nail on most things, if not everything. To have him be one person and then almost over night start changing into someone else, or should I say a better him….was alittle overwhelming. Thoughts of him leaving me because I wasn’t growing like he was and all sorts of thoughts would run through my head. I was definitely not helping him out with what he was trying to do nor did I make his life easier by acting the way I did. But he stood by me and put up with me and did whatever he needed to do in the end to better his family. And you know what?! I thank God everyday for him doing that & making the choices that he did. I eventually saw what he was doing and wanted to be his helpmate in these changes…..not another obstacle he had to push through.

Now I know that some women have issues with submitting to their husbands & that’s fine. I am not here to discuss that but we can if you would like in another blog post. I am here to tell our story and what my opinion is. So remember that if you plan on commenting (which all comments are welcome).

Believe me when I say this took years! It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but it was worth it. And I would go through it all again to be where we are on this very day. Mister has done great things for our family and I know that he will continue to do so no matter what else is going on around him and\or regardless of what anyone else has to say about his choices. He has a big back bone and isn’t afraid to show it & use it! And I love him for that! Many men out there don’t have one and then, in turn, don’t use it. Men need to start being men!

Yesterday I had to take our youngest to the dr to get caught up on shots. Turned out they gave me the wrong date on the little cards that have your appointment time\date. I wasn’t upset by this…no biggie to me. Just meant we could go to the park sooner! After I piled all the kiddos in the truck and made sure everyone was buckled I went to start the truck. It didn’t start. Mmm….what in the world could be wrong with this thing!? There was gas in it, nothing was left on to drain the battery, and there was power getting to the truck (radio and clock were working just fine). So I did what any woman in my shoes would do….call my mechanic husband and tell him what was going on. He first thought that maybe a wire had come loose or a belt popped off….both of these things happened before & were easy fixes. Well when none of those things were the problem he was stumped. So he said that he was on his way..he was at work. He gets there and figures out it’s the starter. We make plans & figure out how to get the kiddos & I home. No big deal, everything is worked out. He has the truck at work today and is working on it in between the vehicles that comes through his work.

My point to this very lengthy blog post is this….he didn’t have to come out to where we were. He could have said I don’t know what the problem is and since I am at work I cannot help you. There have been many many moments where Mister didn’t have to do what he did, but he did them. I always make a point to tell him thank you because he doesn’t have to do these things. He has a choice in how he treats me, the kiddos, and all the situations that come up in our lives. It never fails either because he will always say “I didn’t have a choice” when in reality he most certainly did! There are plenty of men who prove that point everyday. They choose not to be that man in their wifes lives. They choose to not be the hero for their family. And I love that my husband has chosen to become our hero.

Let me just say this.
I am not saying that I am hopeless by any means….I know darn well how to take care of myself and kiddos. It’s the fact that Mister loves us enough to tell me not to worry about it & he will take care of it. It’s the fact that he is willing to drop what he is doing when I need him & come help me out. It’s the fact that he wants and strives to be the best that he can be. That’s a man…a real man. And most of you out there know that there aren’t many left. You may have this man in your life but your story is different from mine…that is totally ok! Of course your story will be different. I am just wanting to take a moment and give praise to Mister for everything that he has ever done for our family. I know it’s not easy but at the end of the day when I lay my head on my pillow, I know that Mister will always be there for us no matter what. And that is a comforting feeling for me.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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