* 35 weeks * Part 1

I will not be updating about what has been going on this past week…will do that tomorrow after my appointment.
This will be more of some thoughts and things that have been floating around my head….this could get dangerous 😉

So I have 5 weeks until my due date – June 5, 2012.
I am hoping that Baby L will end up being overdue. I know, I must be crazy for thinking that but I have a few reasons why. I think I mentioned one in my last post but I can’t remember nor do I feel like going back and checking. So if I repeat myself….oh well!

#1) We signed our second oldest up for soccer camp a few weeks ago. This soccer camp happens to be the week of 064-068…my due date week. I do not want him to miss this soccer camp. He really enjoys it & I don’t want to have to depend on my mother in law to take him and get him back home (have several reasons for this but won’t go into them now). I am not so much worried about the cost that we already paid for the camp but more about my son being able to enjoy something that is all about him. Something he doesn’t always get because he has siblings.

#2) I honestly don’t know if this will be our last baby or not. *I can get into our views on birth control & things like that if you would like, just let me know* And if this does happen to be our last baby, then I would like to enjoy this pregnancy for as long as I can. I don’t want to be induced but if Baby L could hold off for as long as possible and then my body could start contractions naturally….that would be wonderful!

#3) Our oldest was born on the 31st & Mister’s birthday is on the 31st. I think it would be cool if this baby was born on the 17th because my birthday is on the 17th. (All in different months but I think the same days are pretty cool)

Even with all the bumps in the road with this pregnancy, I have really enjoyed it! I am not sure if I am just embracing it in a different way than all the others or it’s the fact that I don’t know the gender so I am waiting for something other than just meeting my new baby. Whatever the reason is I have just really enjoyed these last (almost) 9 months! If we are blessed with another baby after this one I can only hope to enjoy it as much, if not more, than I have this one. This kids are so excited to meet Baby L! They are all telling me how they are going to help out and what they are each going to do. It just warms my heart hearing them talk about Baby L and the excitment they each have talking about Baby L! I know our oldest is always telling us to have another baby. Mister & I are on a different level in our relationship (doesn’t this happen with every marriage though!?). This new level is really great though & I know it will just get better from here.

I love my growing family & I only hope that we are blessed at least just one more time. I know there are those out there that don’t & will not agree with me…but I also know that it’s not up to them & it’s not their live.  And in the end…it’s not up to Mister and I either.

*Again, will go into more depth with this if you would like. It doesn’t bother me to explain our views on things & we open about it*

Will write up a normal weekly update probably tomorrow night after my appointment! Fingers crossed this baby has turned….if not, we will shot for next week!



I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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